Why we're here

Youth T.E.A.M. Trust was launched in 1998 to help train young people in the skills they need to become successful adults.​

We exist to empower young New Zealanders to take responsibility for their lives by creating an environment of trust, focus and passion, giving them the opportunity and skills to develop their dreams.

In our weekend workshops young people share and discuss the challenges they face - from a lack of confidence to sexual abuse - and discover a freedom to take on life like never before.


​Participants come to our workshops by many different paths. Some come to us through authorities like the police or welfare agencies. Others "self select", wanting to achieve much more than they're achieving right now.

Since 1998, we've trained over 4000 teens. Many of them have gone on to become not only successful adults in their families, workplaces and communities, but also leaders within Youth T.E.A.M. Trust, empowering the next generation of teens to create happy, successful lives.



​In the last three years alone, our programme has positively influenced over 600 young lives.

Some of our results are spectacular. Of the two-thirds of young people who've come to our camps having committed a crime, over 94% have stopped offending and moved on with their lives.