empowering young people since 1998

Mereana Tautu, CEO of Youth T.E.A.M. Trust, was awarded the "Every Child Counts" Award for an individual working to improve the status and wellbeing of New Zealand children. Check out the video!

Empowering youth

Youth T.E.A.M. Trust empowers young people to not only overcome their own challenges, but also help others dealing with similar issues.

In our programmes, our young leaders share where they have been and where they are now, and how they made the transition.

The programme has been operating since 1998 and has made a difference in the lives of over 4,700 young people, aged 12-19.

how it works

The Youth T.E.A.M. Trust programme revolves around weekend workshops where an atmosphere of love and trust is created through music, activities and sharing.

The programme has many "special" moments, when a warm family type atmosphere is created with hugs, night time tuck ins, and bedtime stories.


tomorrow's leaders

Youth T.E.A.M. Trust workshops are conducted by trained youth and adult leaders.

Youth Leaders are carefully selected to ensure they are positive role models. 

After the workshops, young people are encouraged to attend weekly Support Group meetings where they receive ongoing encouragement from their peers.